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Welcome to Georgia – country of thousand of myths! Paradise land – home of Golden Fleece, ancient and medieval towns, Caves, Beautiful range of Caucasus Mountains between Black and Caspian Seas.

Although Georgia is new tourism destination, in this small peace of land you will find extraordinary tastes, music, sights, and the most hospitable people in the world.

The journey in Georgia will remain for ever in your memory and will make you to come again.

To make it happen FootPrints2Georgia by Profkurort Ltd delivers to all customers first hand knowledge, a wealth of timely service information, full attention to every detail, insistence on quality and uncompromising commitment to total customer satisfaction.

We will offer you the very best in the Georgian Market and in the area. That’s a promise that we will keep.

Welcome and enjoy your journey in Georgia and Caucasus.

Maia Maruashvili

About Us:

Profkurort Ltd is a full service travel agency, providing tours in Georgia and in Trans Caucasus Region.
The company was founded in 2001 by the Georgian Traders Union Confederation in order to make a better management of health resorts owned by GTUC and tourism demand within the GTUC members and society. Profkurort Ltd represents the legal successor of Republican Council of Health Resort’s Management since 1948.

What we do:
Tours in Georgia and Trans Caucasus Region Daily excursions
Cultural/Historical Tours
Adventure Tours (hiking, trekking, rafting, speleological)
Eco Tours (national parks)
Wine Tours
Health resorts/spa in Georgia
Planning Holidays at resorts of Georgia in accordance to the customer needs.
Support our daughter companies JSC Passionate Kechkhobi, JSC Kobuleti Resort Policlinic, JSC Sanatorium Sairme in development of infrastructure, Public Relations, Marketing research, legal issues, Sanitation/ecological research, monitoring and evaluation.
Projection of Sanitation protection zones of deposits of mineral/fresh waters and balneological/resort zones of Georgia by Profkurorts daughter company Saqkurmintsklebi Ltd.
Air-Railway Tickets
Booking worldwide
Organizing Events (such as Conferences/Trainings, eco actions)